Anywhere Sim is a new product thats about to launch in the Summer.  It is unique for several reasons:

1 - The sim is able to utilise any available network in the UK, completely removing the problems associated with a network specific sim.  If Vodafone is the strongest network where you are, it will switch to Vodafone.  If it happens to be EE, then it will automatically select EE.  No more sitting next to someone with network envy!

2 - The data only sims will not have line rental.  That means if you only use a small amount of infrequent data, you will only pay for the data when you use it and nothing else.

3 - The sim will work on any mobile network anywhere in the EU - all for one very low pence per minute.  No more bill shock because you don't know how much the network in Spain charges for calls back to the UK. - coming soon...:-)